Research Readiness Self Assessment

Welcome to RRSA

This interactive tool will help you to gain an insight into how well you can identify, locate, evaluate and use information resources.

Research Readiness and Your Future

Throughout your academic program, you will be required to find quality information on academic topics of your interest, conduct literature reviews for your research assignments, critically evaluate the quality of information sources, etc. These challenging tasks will prepare you for lifelong learning in the Information age. Moreover, your academic program will help you build skills that are highly valued by the new knowledge economy: independent thinking, critical analysis and ability to substantiate your arguments with supportive evidence.

Today, students enjoy improved access to knowledge that surpasses spatial and time barriers. How fit are you to take advantage of these opportunities and achieve academic success? See for yourself and get immediate personalized feedback!

Linking to Research Readiness Self-Assessment

Presently, Research Readiness Self-Assessment is available by invitation only. Should any of your peers want to take this assessment, they need to send an e-mail to, requesting a pin.